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Ron Galloway was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is married and the father of two sons. He began his studies with a Bachelor of Sacred Literature from Alberta Bible College in Calgary Alberta.

He then completed a Master of Divinity in Doctrine and Philosophy and a Master of Arts thesis at Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln Illinois. The thesis was a psychological, sociological and theological analysis titled Skinnerian Bondage Versus Kierkegaardian Freedom.
After Postgraduate studies and Regent University, Ron then completed a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, a minor in the Classics, and a new minor in Classical Greek, as well as all the required courses for a Masters in Hebrew Bible at the University of Calgary. This was followed by a Doctoral Thesis in Systematic Theology at the University of South Africa (UNISA). The thesis examined theories of knowledge and world views with respect to human perceptions of evil.

Since 2010 he has served as an Associate Professor and Promoter in Systematic Theology, Apologetics, and Cross Cultural Missiology at Greenwich School of Theology in alliance with North–West University. Earlier Ron served as a Christian Research Consultant for the Canadian branch of the Christian Research Institute, and was co–founder and senior director of a Christian Classical School in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

He presently serves as an elder and Resident Theologian in Foothills Community Church in Okotoks, Alberta. He also aids Home School parents in the study of Biblical Greek and Hebrew as well as in Latin Studies.

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Ron Galloway

Ron Galloway

Ron G. Galloway is the author of Humanity Most Precious - Life in the Arms of a Trans-Cultural-God, Vogelstein Press, 2016.
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