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Frank Eyck

Professor Frank Eyck

Frank Eyck Editor

Sargent Frank Eyck
British Military censor and editor of the German newspaper in Flensburg, 1945.

Professor Frank (U.F.J.) Eyck was born in post-WWI Germany on 13th July 1921. Later, the young Ulrich (Frank) Eyck watched as the Nazis corrupted the country that he loved and as they destroyed the livelihood of his liberal Jewish family. He was sent away to London to escape the atrocities of the Nazis. After the outbreak of WWII he was interned as an "enemy alien" but eventually he was released and joined the British army education and intelligence division. During his time in the army he converted to Christianity and was baptised prior to D-Day plus one by a local Methodist minister in Buxton, England. This was a big step in his search for a solid faith.

After WWII Frank began building his own life. Still serving in the British Army of Occupation he worked towards the reconstruction of Germany and after studying history in Oxford, England, he continued in this task as editor in the German Service of the BBC. Eventually he became a well-respected scholar and Professor of History at the University of Calgary.

Professor Frank Eyck was an outstanding modern historian and some of his many writings include:

  • The Prince Consort, A Political Biography of Prince Albert (1959)

  • The Frankfurt Parliament (1968),

  • G. P. Gooch: A Study in History and Politics (1982),

  • Religion and Politics in Germany: From the Beginning until the French Revolution (1998).

A Historians Pilgrimage Memoirs and Reflections is his last book in which he reflects on his deeply moving personal journey that illustrates the tragedy of the twentieth century. The manuscript for his autobiography was left unfinished when he died on 28th December 2004. It was completed by his widow, Dr. Rosemarie Eyck, who painstakingly edited the manuscript from his writings and notes left behind. Throughout the book Professor Eyck provides striking insights into Jewish identity, German history, religion, war and the Holocaust - all poignant topics that affected him profoundly and deserve sincere reflection.

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