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Vogelstein Reviews

Vogelstein Reviews

The current Editorial Board consists of:

Dr. Antje Bednarek-Gilland L√ľneburg, Germany Sociology
Dr. Tim Callaway Calgary, Alberta, Canada Journalism
Dr Chan Han Kim Calgary, Alberta, Canada Religious Studies
Dr. Pat Srebrnik Charlottetown, PEI, Canada English Literature

Revd. Michael Jones

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Norbert Kirsch, Rechtsanwalt Berlin, Germany Law
Prof.Mark Mullins Auckland, New Zealand Asian Studies
Prof. Richard V. Pierard Hendersonville, NC, USA History
Prof. Dr. Ulrich van der Heyden Berlin, Germany Psychology
    History, Missions, Politics
Currently we are in the process of adding other Editorial Board members

Professor Irving Hexham
Vogelstein Press
Department of Classics and Religion
Calgary, Alberta, T2N1N4

Email: vogelsteinpress@shaw.ca
Telephone: 403-220-3280


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