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Vogelstein Press was launched in 2015 by two Canadian academics Irving Hexham and Karla Poewe. It gets its name from Amelia Vogelstein the great grandmother of Karla Poewe. She lived in Königsberg, East Prussia, which is today the Russian city of Kaliningrad. The press is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Vogelstein Press, P.O. Box 62085
Calgary, Alberta, T3F 3K0

Email: vogelsteinpress@shaw.ca
Telephone: 1-302-313-1520

We are primarily an eBook publisher although printed versions of our books are available "on demand."

Our aim is to produce good quality, low cost, academic, and popular works, that have undergone a peer review process, or are republications of works that were previously peer reviewed.

St. Luke Rading
Byzantine Ikon of St. Luke reading
  Great art shows the important role books have played in the history of humanity.  
Vogelstein Mountain View