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Master of LIndisfarne
St. Mathew
Master of Lindisfarne
Late 7th. C

"The author is masterful in presenting his scholarly aims and procedures and then applying them to the topics of his essays. He demonstrates both breadth and depth of scholarly knowledge, careful analysis, and competency in his knowledge of the source literature."

Professor Ron Epstein

Barber Sinicizing Buddhism

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This book has been accepted for traanslation into Chinese for publication in the prestigious series Dialogue Between Buddhism and Other Civilizations in Countries Along the One Belt And One Road which is a project of the Chinese National Social Science Fund.

Dr. A W Barber

Dr. A. W. Barber

St. Luke
Byzantine Master
10th Century
Poewe My Apprenticeship Galloway Humanity Most Precious Welbourn Atoms and Ancestors Jones Dead Reckoning Jones Empty Houses: Dying Churches Hexham-Poewe Understanding Cults and New Religions Hexham Concise Dictionary of Religion

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Born into a prominent Jewish family in Berlin, Frank Eycke recounts his flight to England, time in the British Army, and work as an Intelligence Officer.

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Karla Poewe reworks her wellknown Manda Cesara, Adventures of a Woman Anthropologist showing how time changes perspectives.

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Ron Galloway offers a philosophical reflection on the Biblical teaching that all people are made in the image of God.

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Fred Welbourn's Atoms and Ancestors is a free pdf download. This is a gift from Dr. Hebe Welbourn and is one of the best introductions to African religions ever written.

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Recognizing that Christian ministers are rarely taught how to conduct a funeral Michael K Jones provides valuable advice and practical help.

Michael K Jones provides practical help to anyone faced with the task of closing down a failing church. A revised version of the origianl work will be published shortly by Vogeslstein Press.
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Click here or on the image for a free pdf of the book. In this now classic work Irving Hexham and Karla Poewe provide an overview of the core belief structure and social dynamics of cults and new religions.

Click here for or on the image for a free pdf of the book.
About the author
Irving Hexham provides the reader with over 2000 basic concepts and short biographies of key figures in the history of religion.

Kindle: $10.13 US
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free pdf download
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Academic Confessions Theology and Religious Studies Practical Theology Free Books in pdf format
The first two books in this series are written by Professors Frank Eyck and Karla Poewe. Present complex, personal and academic, journies that interwoven with the impact of World War II on thier lives. These books follow in a long tradition of academic writing where well established authors explain the circumstances that shaped thier work and understanding. They follow Sir Karl Popper's maxim that openess is essential to good scholarship in democratic societies.
This series publishes popular academic works about contemporary religious and theological issues. The aim is to help readers understand different religions traditions and the rise of religious pluralism in Western society.
Although there are many books written on theology, and Christian ministers undergo extensive training, there are some big gaps. These concern practical issues such as how to run a funeral or close down a failing church. This series seeks to address issues like these in practical ways.
From time to time even good books go out of print. This series offers books that are still in copyright that their authors, or copyright holders, have allowed to be published by Vogelstein press as free pdf downloads.
Other works by Vogelstein authors, friends of the press, and authors of classic texts:


Eyck Religion in Germany Galloway Ethics Welbourn East African Christian Callaway Training Disciplined Soldiers for Christ Warden Diplomat Dissident Spook Genis Bible GPS Augustine Confessions
Frank Eyck Karla Poewe Ron Galloway Fred Welbourn Tim Callaway Bill Warden Kobus Genis Augustine of Hippo
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Download the Pusey translation as a pdf.

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